Freeing Teens to
learn naturally

Years 13-19 of a young person’s life should be spent discovering themselves, exploring their world, their interests, and the many possibilities for future paths. Everything “academic” that they need, they have already learned. What is percieved as “gaps” will be easily acquired as they come to need it.

How she helps…

Education today is a mess and is clearly not working for many students. Yet, we hang on to what we were taught and face extreme societal pressures when we consider alternatives. Coach Terry addresses these topics with parents and works with teens to break down the barriers developed in a system that doesn’t fit their needs.


Parents come away from her talks, seminars, and coaching feeling more confident in their decision to homeschool or unschool and are armed with the statistics that thoroughly supports their decision. They have a much better understanding of self-directed learning (unschooling) and the many advantages to allowing their children to direct their own education.

In addition, they also develop tools to reconnect with their teens and resources to promote success.


Coach Terry has various programs for teens including engaging breakout workshops during conferences that help teens understand the power of a positive mindset, ninja goal setting and other success skills. She also offers one on one coaching, talks, and seminars. Her most effective program is her flagship virtual high school program & community that guides teen student to success through learner-centered education.

5 Reasons to work with Coach Terry

20 Years experience teaching & leading teens

Visionary educational leader

Understands issues relating to traditional school & curriculum

Understands college & industry frustrations & needs

Experienced in leading the self directed learning journey